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List of APSIPA ASC 2015 Accepted Papers

2Image Denoising Via Sparse Approximation Using Eigenvectors Of Graph Laplacian
3Benchmarking Human Motion Analysis Using Kinect: an open source dataset
5Producing color-indexed images with scalable color and spatial resolutions
7Supervised Nonnegative Matrix Factorization Using Active-Period-Aware Structured L1-Norm for Music Transcription
9Automatic Classification of Usability of ASR Result for Real-time Captioning of Lectures
133D Multizone Soundfield Reproduction in the Reverberant Room Using a Spherical Loudspeaker Array
15Speech recognition for mixed speech and music by NMF using various cost functions and noise adaptive training methods
16A Novel Codebook Representation Method and Encoding Strategy For Bag-of-Words Based Acoustic Event Classification
17A Gain-adaptive Parallel HMM for Speech Enhancement
19A Fast Automatic Low-rank Determination Algorithm for Noisy Matrix Completion
20A Robust Spoken Q&A System with Scarce In-Domain Resources
22Distance Metric Learning for Kernel Density-Based Acoustic Model Under Limited Training Data Conditions
23An Analysis-by-Synthesis Encoding Approach for Multiple Audio Objects
25Improving Bottleneck Features for Automatic Speech Recognition using Gammatone-based Cochleagram and Sparsity Regularization
26Intrusion Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks for Destructive Intruders
27Sound source localization using a single-point stereo microphone for robots
28Feature-Space Structural MAPLR with Regression Tree-based Multiple Transformation Matrices for DNN
31Chinese Opera Genre Classification Based on Multi-feature Fusion and Extreme Learning Machine
32Estimation of Binaural Intelligibility Using the Frequency-Weighted Segmental SNR and the Better Ear Model
33An Adherent Raindrop Detection Method Using MSER
34Offset estimation for microphone localization using alternating projections
35Robust Formant Features for Speaker Verification in the Lombard Effect
36Speech selection and environmental adaptation for asynchronous speech recognition
37A Framework of Human-based Speech Transcription with a Speech Chunking Front-end
38Impact Noise Suppression Using Spectral Phase Estimation
40Two-stage Lexicon Optimization of G2P-converted Pronunciation Dictionary Based on Statistical Acoustic Confusability Measure
41A Surface-Constrained Volumetric Alignment Method for Image Atlasing
44An Improved Dictionary Learning Method for Speech Enhancement
45Calibration of Word Posterior Estimation in Confusion Networks for Keyword Search
46The SYSU System for the Interspeech 2015 Automatic Speaker Verification Spoofing and Countermeasures Challenge
47Automatic Assessment of Non-native Accent Degrees using Phonetic Level Posterior and Duration Features from Multiple Languages
48Influences of Auditory and Vibrotactile Information on Vocal F0 Responses
50Analysis of the FXLMS algorithm with norm-constant time-varying primary path
51Selective Aggregated Descriptors for Robust Mobile Image Retrieval
52A Density Peak Clustering Approach to Unsupervised Acoustic Subword Units Discovery
54Temporal Stereo Disparity Estimation with Graph cuts
55Spot-forming method by using two shotgun microphones
56Detection of Facial Parts via Deformable Part Model Using Part Annotation
57Rotation-invariant Histograms of Oriented Gradients for Local Patch Robust Representation
61Automatic Tongue Contour Tracking in Ultrasound Sequences without Manual Initialization
62Implementation of Compressive Sensing Encoding on Embedded platforms
63Investigation of Learning Trajectory of Mandarin for Tibetan Speakers
64Classification between Normal and Abnormal Lung Sounds Using Unsupervised Subject-Adaptation
66Vowel Normalization by Articulatory Information
67Non-negative Matrix Factorization using Stable Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers for Source Separation
68Detection of Anomalous Events in a Tennis Game Using Multimodal Information
74A Spoken Dialog System with Redundant Response to Prevent User Misunderstanding
75A Novel DNA Sequence Compression Scheme Using Both Intra and Inter Sequences Correlation
76A Simple Proof for The Equivalence of Multiple Kernel Regressors and Single Kernel Regressors with Sum of Kernels
77On SSIM-Bit Rate Comparison of HEVC Encoders
78Service-Aware User-Centric Clustering and Scheduling for Cloud-RAN with Coordinated Multi-Point Transmission
80Comparative Whisper Vowel Space for Singapore English and British English Accents
82Score Normalization using Phoneme-based Entropy for Spoken Term Detection
83Document Classification with Spherical Word Vectors
85Clustered Multi-Channel Dereverberation for Ad-Hoc Microphone Arrays
86Daily Activity Recognition Based on Acoustic Signals and Acceleration Signals Estimated with Gaussian Process
87Gabor Feature Based Discriminative Dictionary Learning for Period Order Detection in Fringe Projection Profilometry
88An i-vector GPLDA System for Speech based Emotion Recognition
89Interactive Segmentation for Manga using Lossless Thinning and Coarse Labeling
91Enhancing the Complex-valued Acoustic Spectrograms in Modulation Domain for Creating Noise-Robust Features in Speech Recognition
95Evaluation of Two-microphone Acoustic Feedback Cancellation Using Uniform and Non-uniform Sub-bands in Hearing Aids
96A Novel Pruning Model of Deep Learning for Large-Scale Distributed Data Processing
97A Myanmar Large Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition System
98A Reduced-dimensional Music Algorithm with Modulus Constraint Based on Electromagnetic Vector Sensor Array
99Trajectory Estimation Using Range Difference rate Measurements of Doppler-only Sensor Network
100Music Removal by Convolutional Denoising Autoencoder in Speech Recognition
101Multizone Reproduction of Speech Soundfields: A Perceptually Weighted Approach
103A Novel Algorithm For Shuttlecock Tracking
108Chinese Syllable-to-Character Conversion with Recurrent Neural Network based Supervised Sequence Labelling
111An Efficient Heuristic for Restorable Energy Aware Routing in Networks with Bundled Links
112On the study of very low-resource language keyword search
113Improving Denoising Auto-encoder Based Speech Enhancement With the Speech Parameter Generation Algorithm
115Design of Oversampled Cosine-Sine Moudulated Filter Banks for Directional Image Representation
118Early Determination of Intra Mode and Segment-wise DC Coding for Depth Map Based on Hierarchical Coding Structure in 3D-HEVC
119Multi-channel Feedforward ANC System Combined with Noise Source Separation
120A Two-pass Framework of Mispronunciation Detection & Diagnosis for Computer-aided Pronunciation Training
121Adaptive Transform with HEVC Intra Coding
122Synchrony in Prosodic and Linguistic Features between Backchannels and Preceding Utterances in Attentive Listening
123Hash Based Fast Local Search for Intra Block Copy (IntraBC) Mode in HEVC Screen Content Coding
124Incorporating Proximity Information in Relevance Language Modeling for Extractive Speech Summarization
125Weed Seed Image Classification Based on PCANet
127Optical Spectrum based Honey Analysis: A Paper Review
128Improved Deep Speaker Feature Learning for Text-Dependent Speaker Recognition
129The Coding Efficiency of Context-based Binary Arithmetic Coders in AVS2.0
130Pronunciation Modeling of Loanwords for Korean ASR Using Phonological Knowledge and Syllable-based Segmentation
132Two Layer Coding of HDR Images with Noise Bias Compensation
134Noise Bias Compensation based on Bayesian Inference for Tone Mapped Noisy Image
138Image Classification Using Pairwise Local Observations Based Naive Bayes Classifier
141Improving the quality of compressed sensing MRI that exploits adjacent slice similarity
142Ghost-Free High Dynamic Range Imaging via Moving Objects Detection and Extension
143An ACO Approach for Design of CSD Coefficient FIR Filters
145Performance Evaluation of IIR Filter Design Using Multi-Swarm PSO
1463D Shape Retrieval from a Photo Using Intrinsic Image
147Vocal separation by Constrained Non-Negative Matrix Factorization
148Parallelization of Cipher Algorithm on CPU/GPU for Real-time Software-Defined Access Network
151Mapping Frames with DNN-HMM Recognizer for Nonparallel Voice Conversion
153Music Emotion Recognition Using Deep Gaussian Process
156Investigation of relation between speech perception and production based on EEG source reconstruction
157Emotional speech synthesis system based on a three-layered model using a dimensional approach
158Linearization of the Parametric Array Loudspeaker Upon Varying Input Amplitudes
159Aliasing-free implementation of discrete-time glottal source models and their applications to speech synthesis and F0 extractor evaluation
161A Waveform Representation Framework for High-quality Statistical Parametric Speech Synthesis
162Global face reconstruction for face hallucination using orthogonal Canonical Correlation Analysis
165An Audio Watermarking Scheme Based on Automatic Parameterized Singular-Spectrum Analysis Using Differential Evolution
168A Probabilistic Interpretation for Artificial Neural Network-based Voice Conversion
169An Affordable and Attachable Electronic Device for the Blind
170Learning based fast H.264 to H.265 transcoding
171Designing Sparse Graphs via Structure Tensor for Block Transform Coding of Images
173Audio-visual speech recognition using deep bottleneck features and high-performance lipreading
174A Corpus-Based Analysis of Korean Segments Produced by Chinese Learners
178Fast Scoring for Mixture of PLDA in I-Vector/PLDA Speaker Verification
179Multilingual Exemplar-Based Acoustic Model for the NIST Open KWS 2015 Evaluation
180Diffuse Noise Suppression with Ad Hoc Microphone Array Based on Amplitude Additivity Model
181Random Forest with Data Ensemble for Saliency Detection
182Compressive Sensing-Based Range and Angle Estimation For Nested FDA Radar
183Cancellability for Local Binary Pattern Biometrics
185Distributed medical imaging applications using Java technology
186Tensor Kernel Supervised Dictionary Learning for Face Recognition
187High Capacity Reversible Data Hiding Based on Matrix Coding and Bitmap Compression
188Implementation of Reconfigurable Mobile Device with Licensed Shared Access Functionality
189Operation of Reconfigurable Mobile Device for Spectrum Sharing
191An Image Retargeting Scheme with Content-based Cropping and Local Significance Aware Seam Carving
192A Comparison Study of Stationary and Mobile Eye Tracking on EXITs Design in a Wayfinding System
193Real-Time View Synthesis System Using Active Illumination and Adaptive Space-Time Cost-Volume Filtering
194On Introducing Damping to Bayes Optimal Approximate Message Passing for Compressed Sensing
195Perceptual Texture Retrieval Using Spatial Distributions of Textons (SDoT)
196Near-Duplicate Video Clustering Using Multiple Complementary Video Signatures
197Error Concealment with Multiscale Patch Clustering and Low-Rank Minimization
198Embedding a dialogue agent into a mobile service robot
199Face Hallucination Based on Neighbor Embedding via Illumination Adaptation
200An Efficient VLSI Architecture for Discrete Wavelet Transform
201Active Noise Control for Headrests
203Content-Based Image Retrieval Using Direct Binary Search Block Truncation Coding Features
204Multispectral filter array and demosaicking for pathological images
205Adaptive feedback canceller with howling detection for hearing aids
207Hybrid Dictionary Learning for JPEG Steganalysis
208Compression Noise Estimation and Reduction via Patch Clustering
210   GOP Based Automatic Detection of Object-based Forgery in Advanced Video
211Pool Size Control for Adaptive Group Testing via Boolean Compressed Sensing with Solution Space Reduction
213   Removing harmonic distortion in tiled screens
215New Iterative Kernel Algorithms for Nonlinear Acoustic Echo Cancellation
216FDA Radar Ambiguity Function Optimization With Simulated Annealing Algoirthm
218    A Robust Registration Method using Huber ICP and Low Rank and Sparse Decomposition
219Reversible Steganography: Data Hiding for Covert Storage
220A New Detector of LSB Matching Steganography Based On Likelihood Ratio Test for Multivariate Gaussian Covers
221DCTNet : A simple Learning-free Approach for Face Recognition
222The Main Lighting Direction Estimation for the Uniform Texture Images
223In-car Noise Field Analysis and Multi-zone Noise Cancellation Quality Estimation
224Image Smoothing Using Spatial Iterative Methods Based on Accelerated Iterative Shrinkage
225Probabilistic Compression Artifacts Reduction Using Self-Similarity Based Noise Region Estimation
226Preference distorts visual space
227Fusion Center Controlled Carrier Sense Multiple Access for Physical Wireless Parameter Conversion Sensor Networks
229A Preliminary Study of Gait-based Age Estimation Techniques
230Low-Rank Block Sparse Decomposition Algorithm for Abnormaly Detection in Networks
231A hybrid nonlinear adaptive noise canceller for fetal ECG extraction
232Automatic Ranking of Swear Words using Word Embeddings and Pseudo-Relevance Feedback
2333D Reconstruction from Single Texture Image Based on Patch Matching and Optimization
235Learning Compact Local Face Descriptors without Histogramming
236Performance Evaluation of the Physical Layer Security Using Artificial Noise and Relay Station
238Configuration of Dialogue Agent with Multiple Knowledge Sources
239Sparse Sound Field Decomposition Using Group Sparse Bayesian Learning
240Perceptual Image Hashing Using Block Truncation Coding and Local Binary Pattern
241A Near-Duplicate Video Retrieval Method Based on Zernike Moment
242Web Page Segmentation Based on the Hough transform and Vision Cues
243Multifarious Distances, Cameras and Illuminations Face Database
244Intensity Estimation of LEDs from Spatially and Temporally Mixed Images in Image Sensor Communication
245Color Preserving Contrast Enhancement for Low Light Level Images based on Retinex
247Channel Scaling for Rounding Noise Reduction in Minimum Lifting 3D Wavelet Transform
248A spectrum sensing method based on fractional lower order moments in weakly correlated Laplace noise
249A Texture Retrieval Scheme Based on Perceptual Features
2503-D OCT Data Denoising with Non-separable Oversampled Lapped Transform
252Efficient Disparity Estimation Scheme for Stereoscopic Images
253Lossless Contour Compression Using Morphology, Chain Code, and Distribution Transform
254An Efficient Sky Detection Algorithm Based on Hybrid Probability Model
255An Investigation of using SSVEP for EEG-based User Authentication System
256In-Home Measurement System of User's Motion and Center of Pressure
257Multi sensor system for automatic fall detection
259Subspace-Constrained Multilinear Discriminant Analysis for ERP-based Brain Computer Interface Classification
260Room-Level Proximity Detection Using Beacon Frame From Multiple Access Points
261Power Saving on Mobile Devices Through Content-Aware Backlight Control
262Improvement of pixel enhancement algorithm for high-speed camera imaging using 3D sparsity
266Recent Progress in Research on Virtual Sound Barriers
267Fast NLMF-Type Algorithms for Adaptive Sparse System Identifications
268HEVC Selective Encryption using Transform Skip Signal and Sign Bin
269Frequency Recognition for SSVEP-Based BCI Using Reference Signals With Dominant Frequency
270MIMO-OFDM Pilot Symbol Design For Sparse Channel Estimation
271A complete parallel narrowband active noise control system based on residual error separation using variable leaky LMS
272Sparsity-Aware Recursive Maximum Correntropy Criteria Adaptive Filtering Algorithm
273Eye Corner Detection with Texture Image Fusion
274Underwater Image Color Correction based on Surface Reflectance Statistics
277Applying Primary Ambient Extraction for Immersive Spatial Audio Reproduction
278Accuracy Comparison of Two Microcontroller-embedded R-wave Detection Methods for Heart-rate Variability Analysis
279On the Difficulty of Improving Hand-crafted Rules in Chat-oriented Dialogue Systems
281Modified Median FxLMS for Impulsive Noise Reduction in ANC
283Channel Selection for Brain Signal Classification by Penalized Automatic Relevance Determination
285    Orientation and Scale Invariant Binary Descriptor Based on Haar Wavelet
286Bottleneck Features from SNR-Adaptive Denoising Deep Classifier for Speaker Identification
288A Real-time Virtual Dressing System with RGB-D Camera
289Robust sound image localization for moving listener with curved-type parametric loudspeaker
290Weber Binary Pattern and Weber Ternary Pattern for Illumination-Robust Face Recognition
293Classification Improvement and Analysis of P300 Responses with Various Inter-stimulus Intervals in Application to Spatial Visual Brain-computer Interface
294Fingertip Stimulus Cue-based Tactile Brain-computer Interface
295SVM Classification Study of Code-modulated Visual Evoked Potentials
297Analysis Of Sports Statistics Via Graph-Signal Smoothness Prior
298Re-sampling and Interpolation of DIBR-synthesized Images using Graph-signal Smoothness Prior
299Object Detection and Recognition for Assisting Elderly
300Fast CU Partition Strategy for HEVC Intra-Frame Coding Using Learning Approach via Random Forests
301Human Action Recognition Based on Non-negative Matrix Factorization
302HRIR-supported Spatial Auditory BCI
303A nonexpansive operator for computationally efficient hierarchical convex optimization
304New Intra Prediction Methods Based on Channel Correlation and their Combination for Color Image Compression
305List message passing algorithm for noiseless compressed sensing
306Diverse Augmented Reality Exhibitions for Differential Users Based upon Private Quick Response Code
307Authentic Image Encryption Scheme
308Image Super-resolution via Hybrid NEDI and Wavelet-based Scheme
309 Joint SVD and QR Codes for Image Authentication
310SSVEP by checkerboard related to grid size and board size
311Topic Extraction from Mllions of Tweets using Singular Value Decomposition and Feature Selection
312Features of Web Subject-Related Image and its Retrieval Significance
313Facial Expression Recognition with Emotion-Based Feature Fusion
314Feature-Aging for Age-Invariant Face Recognition
316Wireless digital demodulation system via hierarchical multiresolution empirical mode decomposition approach
317Blind infrared spectroscopic data restoration with the similarity of multi-scales regularization
318Comparative analysis of the color perception loss for elderly people
319Scalable I-vector Concatenation for PLDA based Language Identification System
320BPSK-OFDM Signal Detection in Time-Varying Channels Using Prior Information
321Relationship between Speaker/Listener Similarity and Information Transmission Quality in Speech Communication
322Integrating Prosodic Information into Recurrent Neural Network Language Model For Speech Recognition
324Depth Cue Combinations for Density Judgment in Three-Dimensional Display
325Deep Neural Network-Based Speech Recognition with Combination of Speaker-Class Models
326 Rescoring by a Deep Neural Network for Spoken Term Detection
328 Scheduling Algorithm with Delay-limited for VoIP in LTE
329 Deep Neural Network based Acoustic Model Using Speaker-Class Information for Short Time Utterance
330 Multi-instance Finger Vein Recognition Using Local Hybrid Binary Gradient Contour
331 On a robust ASR based on complex AR speech analysis
332 Sparse Representation of Adaptive Key Frame Features for Human Action Classification
333 The Development of the Vehicle Sound Source Localization System
334 Codebook-based Speech Enhancement with Bayesian LP Parameters Estimation
337 Omnidirectional Sound Source Tracking Based on Sequential Updating Histogram
338 Development of Stroke Detection Method by Heart Rate Variability Analysis and Support Vector Machine
339 On Rayleigh distance and absorption length of parametric loudspeaker
340 Heart Rate Monitoring by Pulse Sensor Embedded Game Controller
341 Self-taught recovery of depth data
342 LITTLEHELPER: An Augmented Reality Glass Application to Assist Individuals with Autism in Job Interviews
344 A Near-Lossless Image Compression System with Data Hiding Capability
345 Multilayer Image Disparity Estimation and Blending for Light Field Cameras
346 A Spectrum Smoothing Method for Speaker Verification